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  • Defining your product requirements

    product requirements

    You have a clear view of your dream product, maybe even verbalized and printed dream. Perhaps you have documents describing your product, like “system requirements spec”, “user stories”, “use cases”, etc. We will also need some graphics like wire frames and mock ups to visualize product interfaces. If you already have all these materials - it’s excellent but uncommon case. If you don’t - we'll have to create initial documentation through business analysis stage. We are great believers in documentation and project methodology. After all, there is no other way to draw a project plan and evaluate time and cost.

  • Evaluating development resources and costs

    resources and costs

    Having a proper functional description of your product, we can move on to project detalization and planning. Sorry, I know that obvious things for you. But it returns back to us over and over again. “I want to run a social network for professional community. How much will it cost?”. Even a very common answer will require a pretty detailed and prioritized project backlog. Only after backlog is ready we could allocate our resources, i.e - technical specialists, but we need to make decision about best technology before.

  • Helping you to pick proper technology

    proper technology

    How do you choose a technology fitting your product? Why some PHP framework is looking cheaper in maintenance, but Ruby on Rails sounds faster in development? Is it robust enough to make a mobile app on JS framework or it should be native binary?
    In a case of our tiny development group the answer is “PHP, yii, js”. The answer could also derive from your own skills, or your CTO preferences. But keep in mind - existing market is much more wider than any personal technological experience. Best choice is supposed to be based on the expert evaluation of requirements. After choosing the proper technology we can call to proper specialists.
    Still, for early prototyping our PHP and JS are sufficient.

  • Making a live early prototype and demo for investor

    demo for investor

    Prototyping and demonstration stage is often important and even crucial for project funding. Before making a descision, the stakeholders usually want to understand how things are supposed to be working way before something really works. We have to give them look’n’feel of future product. Moreover, a prototype and a visual demo are good tools of transferring knowledge to system developers. Visual presentation could be even more informative than specs and docs, it could make them obsolete...
    But wait. Documentation we can’t cancel, how else could we build a prototype?

  • Building dedicated development team for your project

    development team

    SW product rarely is a final result, it is a process, and your team is an engine of this process. You need to choose between in-house and outsourcing team. On the very first stage, time to market and development costs are crucial. For minimal viable product development we suggest and propose outsourcing team. It could be our team if your product is relatively light, or one from our partners, if composite technologies are needed. In both cases you get professional performance, reliable management structure and responsible knowledge transfer. Team as an engine will stay with a project until MVP is delivered.

  • Designing , coding and testing your MVP


    We are talking MVP - minimal viable product. We like another wording of it: minimum lovable product. After all, our aim is no more than user’s love. To achieve it, we have to combine properly designed user experience with a quality program code. There is no way to make things once and forever. There may be lot of experiments and changes, despite of specification written above. We just have to try to reduce it to minimum but viable. And yes, because of inevitable changes we work in agile methodology.

  • Delivering your product to the market

    to the market

    Nothing can be considered viable until it is in real use. After the first release we begin to collect data, so as to understand users behavior and to improve the product. Changes again! You were warned, if you have read it to this point.

  • Supporting your project all over its life circle


    A lot of system administration work. Content management. Traffic management. Answering to users questions and complaints. We like it too. Don’t you?

  • Investing in your product


    Here is the right place for our business offer to the right people. If you have reached this point then you have got our investment proposal.

    On the early stages of development even brilliant products need more resources than planned.

    We can invest our development forces to your product in a case a) you really need it; b) we find your product doomed to success despite the growing pains; c) you’re ready to give as a reasonable share in it.

Processing your product

Each stage is time and money. You pick the stages where you need our resource

  • Researching
    user stories - UX design
  • Documenting - Backlog
  • Prototyping - UI design
  • Programming - system design
  • Brending - graphical design
  • Testing - logical
  • Deploying
  • Testing - A/B
  • Refactoring / Scaling
  • Supporting -
    system administration
  • Managing commercial platforms
  • Managing changes
  • Managing changes
  • Managing changes

where we are

Why in Kharkiv?

  • Promising developing center of technology and science
  • 1st place of outsourcing resources in Ukraine (2014)

Why in Ukraine?

  • Experienced specialists
  • Growing outsourcing market - 3th place of the world outsourcing (2014)
  • Same time zone
  • Good communication
  • ...because we are from Ukraine


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